Bloom, Prune & Repeat

Welcome to the Debut Edition of Bloomin’ and Prunin,’ my monthly inspirational newsletter that encourages YOU, wherever you are in your life journey, to KEEP GOING and never give up despite the setbacks that you may face. Bloomin’ and Prunin’ launched today – Whoop Woop! Do you know what this phrase means? You could be thinking about Gardening, the Bible Verse in John that talks about the vine and the branches, or you could have just hit subscribe because you’re a nice person

There Are Many Obstacles...How Do I Get There?

The year began when my childhood pastor was imprisoned for child molestation; a hometown hidden secret that was taboo to discuss, but unfortunately true. The exposure, however, created a rippling effect in my community and family bringing decades of buried hurts floating to the surface. More than ever before, we live in a time that brings us face-to-face with our own mortality. Like a tattered ship tossed to and fro on a stormy sea, 2020 has introduced winds of tragedy and wa

Booking a One-Way to Destiny

If I needed to go anywhere in the world, I know exactly how to do it. I am in complete control of my destination of choice. But, why is this not always the case with destiny? I assume that we all know the basic steps required to book a flight– Right? Typically, you need to submit your name, destination, time, date of birth, address, passport (if necessary) and a form of payment to the airline that would secure your flight. Then, on the date of travel, you would bring your bel

Rise, Fall & Rise Again

On January 3rd, I posted this note on Facebook: “2020 is the Year that I’ve been waiting on!! May Justice & Healing Break Out! #ItsTime #Answered Prayer” Crazy Right?! In many ways, this post is spot on. While in many other ways, this post is completely contrary to what I thought those words actually meant. Can’t you hear the energetic expression and excitement in my words? I was beaming from ear to ear as I typed the post. And like many of you, we started the year out full o

Move Forward Anyway

Can you keep a secret? I mean…like…really keep a secret? You promise not to tell? Okay, I’ll tell you. Surprise!! In March 2020, my hubby and I quietly began building our first home. Shhhhh – It’s a secret, but I had to share with my Bloomin & Prunin Family First!! Six weeks from now, we will be Phoenix Homeowners. [Insert e-confetti and virtual fireworks here]. The entire month of December will be dedicated to cleaning, washing, sorting, organizing, purging and packing. If y

For Me, Homeownership Is Not About a Physical House

WooHoo! We are Homeowners…FINALLY!! Though we faced delays and setbacks, we pressed through and are #HOME #thankyoujesus #wonthedoit *cue the confetti* *insert all of the hashtags & emojis that you can think of * We plan to celebrate with mini housewarming parties all year long! However, in true Bloomin’ & Prunin’ Fashion, I am sorry to burst your bubble…but THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT A HOUSE Yes, the benefits of homeownership far exceed the benefits of renting – and yes, that is