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Bloom, Prune & Repeat

Welcome to the Debut Edition of Bloomin’ and Prunin,’ my monthly inspirational newsletter that encourages YOU, wherever you are in your life journey, to KEEP GOING and never give up despite the setbacks that you may face.

Bloomin’ and Prunin’ launched today – Whoop Woop! Do you know what this phrase means? You could be thinking about Gardening, the Bible Verse in John that talks about the vine and the branches, or you could have just hit subscribe because you’re a nice person! Well, let me explain a bit further…

Q. Why is this newsletter called Bloomin’ and Prunin’?

A. In the first two years of your life, your brain experiences some of the most dramatic and transformative changes. Although we are already born with all the brain cells that we need, (about 80 billion), they still need to mature. As your brain grows and collects information, it experiences a proliferation of rapid growth and abundance. This is called “Blooming.” Have you ever met a confident two-year old child that has an answer and explanation for everything? Yep…They are in Full Bloom! LOL. This energetic period of growth is then followed by a reduction of the neurons that actually strengthen the brain overall, so that the neurons that are in use, are more efficient. This process is called “Pruning.”

In the same way, let’s press in to the changing seasons of our lives. Your life journey is a process. Be Patient with Yourself and Know that Life doesn’t always feel good, but Be Encouraged! You are only experiencing a temporary refining process that is making you better. If you choose to exercise this foundational and transformational process-in every area of your life- You will begin to grow beyond recognition and accomplish more than what you ever could imagine.

What’s Got to Grow?

My edges.

HA. j/k But, seriously, I have got to Exercise & I have to take better care of my physical body and what I put inside it. COVID has added major poundage to my frame. A few weeks ago, I attempted to swim two laps (freestyle) in the pool and ended up out of breath, had heart palpitations and caught a charley horse in my right thigh LOL. This week, I have walked around my complex almost everyday, drank more water, and began morning exercises and stretches. #ProgressNotPerfection

What’s Got to Go?

Complaining. It does not serve me or help the situation… I have much to be grateful for. If I am still breathing, there is hope that the situation can change. May my words always be seasoned with salt and grace. #solongbyebye

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