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Booking a One-Way to Destiny

If I needed to go anywhere in the world, I know exactly how to do it. I am in complete control of my destination of choice. But, why is this not always the case with destiny?

I assume that we all know the basic steps required to book a flight– Right? Typically, you need to submit your name, destination, time, date of birth, address, passport (if necessary) and a form of payment to the airline that would secure your flight. Then, on the date of travel, you would bring your belongings and identification to board the flight. If I needed to go anywhere in the world, I know exactly how to do it. I am in complete control of my destination of choice.

But, why is this not always the case with destiny?

Some people believe that they are called to be an attorney, but struggle passing the bar exam. Others may feel called to run a daycare center, but can’t find a suitable location, or you may be going back to school to advance your education, but need scholarships to cover your tuition and fees. Whatever the case, it can be challenging to navigate the road to destiny without setbacks. There is usually not one clear cut path to achieving your dreams, but there are some methods that we can take to get us on the right path and headed in the right direction.

When you are driving to a new journey or going someplace that you have never gone before, your GPS can give you directions from Point A to Point B. But it doesn’t necessarily tell you about the different dips in the road along the way or tell you the speed at which you should travel. However, if you take a moment to observe the pace of the people around you, a lot of the times, there are people who have driven the road before and are familiar with the neighborhood. if you follow behind someone, sometimes as simply as driving a little bit slower to observe the person in front of you, you will see them veer slightly to the left or right to avoid cracks, potholes and uneven roadways. Follow their speed, their tempo, and their lead until you’re able to navigate the road yourself. At that point, you may find out that another path makes better sense for you. You may also find that this particular road may be too fast for you, but that there is an adjacent road that will lead you to your destination as well. You’ll still get there and you will save valuable time and money by following the more experienced driver.

Over the past few months, I have spent time praying and asking the Lord “How do I go from here to there?” And He has been faithfully guiding me each step of the way. I have also read many of the comments and life experiences that you have shared across your social media platforms. Your journey is so encouraging to me! In many ways, YOU are someone whom I have followed behind or am currently following. Keep navigating your path in such a way that impacts others. People are waiting on you. People are watching your every move. Although the specifics of our situations may be different, I see God working in the same way. He is moving each of us from one position to the next; whether, emotionally, physically, vocationally and/or spiritually.

My Friends – We. Are. In. Transit. And we are travelling to a place that is beyond what we could have imagined. Trust His Plan.

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What's Got to Grow: September was an amazing month for me, establishing my LLC, and organizing my business. Consistent communication was a key attribute that really helped me knock out some big goals and meet critical deadlines. I need to continue displaying this trait in every area.

What's Got to Go: #Solongbyebye Impulse Buying. Every single dollar has purpose. Just because I see it, doesn’t mean I have to get it!

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